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Are You Exhausted After A Night of Sleep?

Do you keep waking up during the night?

Does your spouse's snoring shake the rafters?

Is your child a restless sleeper resulting in behavioral problems?

If so, we may be able to help!

John Smucker
John Smucker
I sleep better, I don’t get awake gasping for breath through the night or when I take an afternoon nap. I have much better smell, my teeth are lining up much better, I am able to floss better! And I highly appreciate your expertise and what you do for us. I appreciate Dr Paul and all the staff. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
i use the vivos appliance for palate expansion. the staff have been great, very knowledgeable, and able to answer questions i've had during the process and able to fit me in within a couple of days if i need an adjustment. the device itself has caused very noticeable improvements in my breathing and straightening my teeth, and i'm excited to see the end result once i'm done. i would highly recommend BWSW to anyone looking for palate expansion.
Lisa Correa
Lisa Correa
Dr. Paul and his staff are the best! Dr. Paul's expertise and knowledge gives our family confidence that we are in safe and caring hands that will get us the results we need for our health. We are so pleased with the OSA treatment for adults and kids at Breath Well Sleep Well.
David Aden
David Aden
Everyone here has been incredibly helpful and they take the time to answer any questions and are always encouraging. I’m still mid process but my wife appreciates the improvement (or should I say reduction) in my snoring.
Carol Caruso
Carol Caruso
After tons of idiot doctors with the subpar medical system. I did research and found this place. Thanks to the DDS here and the doctors because they found what was wrong with me for the last 53 years. You hear it right, 53 years!!! It's pathetic that we let major medical and Big Pharma, all these insurance companies control everything....this office wad able to tell me my airway is as small as a straw and should be like a toilet paper roll. Thanks to my own superb diet, I survived !
Deidre Simon
Deidre Simon
The people are friendly, pleasant to deal with and the Dentist is fantastic. They explained in detail their process and make you feel important. Answer all your questions until you fully understand.
I could probably write a book about how wonderful this place is and how important is what they do. I'm using the appliance for about 2 months now and I already feel that my nasal passages are widening, I can get more and more air week by week. It's not an overnight process but it worth every effort. Sleep-disordered breathing can be hard to catch as you are not fully wake and aware while choking at night, several times per hour for several seconds. I'm not even aware that I do snore. The body needs proper rest and enough oxygen to function and heal. Not to mention burning fat. It's like running an engine with a muddy intake filter. Or a campfire that is barely on fire and just smokes. Quantity of the sleep is one thing, but quality has to be there too. I could go to sleep and get out of the bed 8 hours later, but it's a very shallow sleep and feel tired in the morning. There are some many ramifications of the sleep deprivation, like the fogginess that doesn't let you spot what is happening with you. Decades over. Kids compensate easier but not sleeping properly 40+ years is not too optimal. And kids are an easier fix. I wish my parents could have taken me here at a young age. All dentists should check for this condition. Please check the symptoms, look into what is happening with you, get a consultation here. Get your kids and grandkids checked. They are growing now and they need a good rest to function well and be able to pay attention when learning new things.
Terri Fredericksen
Terri Fredericksen
My middle son had his Vivos appliance for six months and his sleep apnea problems were eliminated and he has a smile now. Money well spent! The clinic was very professional and efficient!
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez
Lovely staff and service. It took a lot of consistency on my part in order for the upper and lower devices to do their work, but halfway in I'm now starting to notice a big difference in quality of sleep. So glad I decided to go with the appliances and while the benefits were not instant, I only wish I did this sooner.
Jack Dew
Jack Dew
I’ve been working with Dr Rodeghero and his team for about nine months now and I’ve already started noticing improvements in the quality of my sleep. With their guidance everything has gone very smoothly, and exactly according to plan. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and has answered all my questions and concerns thoughtfully. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in the Vivos treatment system.

Throughout your life, sleep is a vital process that rejuvenates, refreshes, and provides energy for each new day. Without adequate sleep, the body is not able to rebuild valuable proteins and detox the body. A lack of sleep can affect one’s concentration and ability to function at an optimum level.

So what actually causes these problems? The bed? A lack of minerals? Stress?

The truth is, there could be numerous sources. So find out!

To understand this situation better, look at the MOST common cause – Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Do You Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

What causes it and what are the symptoms?

Current estimates show that more than one out of fourteen Americans suffers from sleep apnea. This condition is generally associated with loud snoring, short or stagnant breathing, snorting noises while sleeping, and exhaustion when waking.

For medically diagnosed cases, the most common treatment is a forced air induction device called CPAP. There are also surgical procedures and electrical stimulators inserted into the chest. None of these treatments will handle the root cause of the problem, they only treat the symptoms and must be used the rest of the patient’s life.

It’s important to note that despite so many people using this device, we have neglected to uncover or treat the actual cause of the problem. And it’s quite possible, as the evidence suggests, that there is one, single cause underlying these symptoms.

That single source is sleep disturbance.

Disturbance of sleep has long been recognized as a debilitating physical condition. It can be caused by external factors, such as jet lag or a spouse’s snoring, or by physical circumstances such as chronic pain or headaches. Sleep disorders can also be caused by an underlying non-optimum physical condition called “sleep apnea” – the temporary stoppage of breathing while one is sleeping.

Sleep disturbances are a growing concern as newer studies indicate they are part of the reason for heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, headaches, and numerous other systemic debilitating problems.

Just a few of the health conditions that can occur due to Sleep Apnea or sleep disturbances:

– Cognitive Deficits
– Hypertension
– Learning & Memory Impairment
– Headaches
– Obesity
– Mood Disorders such as anxiety and depression
– Cardiovascular Disease
– Allergies

An Obstructed Airway

The underlying cause of most sleep problems is restricted air flow – Obstructive Sleep Apnea – coming from restrictions in the airways of the nose and throat.

Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

A Potentially Serious Health Condition

Traditional Treatment Options

The gold-standard treatment, the CPAP machine, is a life sentence that most people cannot endure.

The treatment device is a noisy air hose attached to your face that forces oxygen into the lungs.

Studies show that continual use of a CPAP machine causes you to deteriorate as you continuously rely on it. Many people cannot sleep restfully while attached to a CPAP.

It sounds hopeless for those suffering with this insidiously devastating condition.

CPAP is Forever

The CPAP machine has helped millions of people sleep better. What it has not done is handle the actual, underlying cause of the problem, or the symptoms.


The CPAP device is not designed as a cure for sleep apnea. It simply treats the most common symptom. Of course, this comes with a host of drawbacks, including having to sleep with a bulky machine on your face, every single night.

And, having to travel with said device, wherever you are, whether it be on a business trip, vacation or any other overnight trip.

Additionally, studies have shown that continual use of the CPAP machine causes the air pathway muscles to deteriorate over time.

When use of the CPAP device is discontinued, the symptoms of sleep apnea will return.

Is there another way? A safe, non-intrusive treatment? Yes, and it's called VIVOS.

Introducing the VIVOS Therapeutics System

The single biggest breakthrough in the treatment of mild-to-moderate sleep apnea since CPAP

The Vivos® System involves a thorough and complete set of tests and examinations, followed by a review from a Board Certified Sleep Apnea Physician.

The Process

Once your physician has diagnosed sleep apnea, a Vivos-trained dentist will design the custom biomimetic medical device.

You will wear your Vivos device, as directed by your doctor, between 12 and 24 months, primarily in the evening and at night while you sleep.


Most patients feel the effects of treatment within the first few weeks or months.  During treatment, periodic adjustments to your appliance are made by your treating dentist, who works in close collaboration with a medical sleep specialist.

Upon completion of treatment, many patients do not require further intervention.

Occasionally, simple orthodontic alignment and retention, or restorative therapy is part of the completion of treatment.

Benefits of VIVOS Treatment

Delivered by the experts at Breathe Well Sleep Well

All people are different, but many of our patients have experienced one or more of the following benefits after being treated with VIVOS:

Elimination or Reduction of Symptoms

VIVOS has been shown to reduce or even eliminate symptoms of OSA

Safe & Virtually Pain Free

The Vivos® System is safe, all natural, non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical

Limited Treatment Time

No need for a lifetime of treatment

Comfortable & Easy-to-Wear

Most patients report the treatment is comfortable


The Vivos® System may be covered by health insurance and is affordable

Potential Cosmetic Benefits

The Vivos® System may improve aesthetics as the upper and lower jaw develops

What Makes Breathe Well Sleep Well Different Than Other Dental Office Sleep Apnea Treatments?

The VIVOS Difference and The Experienced and Trained Doctors

Lead by Dr. Paul, Breathe Well Sleep Well features a dedicated and caring staff with over 38 years of dental experience.

Sleep Clinic Clearwater Doctor and Patients

Dr. Paul with a new VIVOS client

Dr. Paul with a new VIVOS family

Getting Started

With The Vivos Therapeutics System

Breathe Well Sleep Well offers a complete plan to help get you and your family sleeping better and breathing better, naturally.

Getting started is easy and we have dedicated staff to answer all of your questions along the way.

Get Started in Just 4 Easy Steps:

During your initial consultation with your healthcare team, you will undergo a variety of diagnostic procedures to determine the most effective treatment strategy.

Once you have completed diagnostic procedures and required tests, your healthcare team will compile your Airway Intelligence Report™.

It is important to work with your multidisciplinary healthcare team to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Your comprehensive diagnosis will include a medical doctor, your Vivos® trained dentist and a Vivos® technician.

Most treatment plans include lots of healthy sleep and good nutrition for a period of between twelve and twenty-four months.

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