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This place is the future of sleep apnea help.

``This place is the future of sleep apnea help. I've tried everything over the last ten years short of CPAP, and then Dr. Wagner told me about Breathe Well Sleep Well. Months later my snoring is near gone, I can sleep comfortably again, and I'm progressing to where I soon won't need to even wear a device at all. Amazing stuff! Also the doctors and staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, and you can tell they're truly excited about the work they're doing. I can't recommend enough!``

– D.S.

My sinus condition has gone away.

``About six years ago I found out I had sleep apnea. That's when I started wearing a mandibular advancement device. I wore that for almost five years and it helped me breathe, but it wasn't really a solution to all the issues of sleep apnea. Then I heard about Vivos®. I was impressed! So I immediately switched from wearing the old appliance to wearing the new Vivos® appliance. I started sleeping better the very first night I got it, and I'm almost to the point now that I don't need any device. It's been incredible. My sinus condition has gone away—the other, earlier appliance didn't handle the sinus condition in 5 years. In less than a year, using the Vivos® appliance, it's gone. And my airway is bigger. I'm really pleased.``

– D.W.

There is no issue at all!

``Before doing the treatment, I was very uncomfortable on a plane because I couldn't clear my ears. I tried to go scuba diving once but was in so much pain I couldn't stay under the water and it was days before my ears cleared. When I went on planes, I couldn't clear my ears for between a day and 3 days; it was very uncomfortable. But since doing this treatment I can now clear my ears immediately — there is no issue at all!``

– Donald

I have been sleeping 7.5 to 8 hours every night.

``When I started the treatment I had been having a lot of trouble breathing through my nose for a long time. I had a very noisy morning trying to clear out everything, and often had to clear my throat and nose throughout the day, because it never stayed cleared. Because I was breathing through my mouth at night, I would have a sore throat when I woke in the morning which would stop hurting when I drank some liquid (which is how I knew I was not ill, as there were no other illness symptoms). The first month of my treatment was the month we were on lock down due to Corona virus. I was given a rescue appliance because I was not sleeping well and was exhausted every day and my doctor could not give me the full screening. One night, while wearing the rescue, I cleared the left side of my nose to the point where I could breathe through my nose at night for the first time in 5 years. A month later I cleared out the right side of my nose. I still have some congestion but I am successfully breathing through my nose when I go to sleep. By the third month I was in the Vivos appliance and instead of waking after 3, 4, 5 or 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night and not being able to go back to sleep, I have been sleeping 7 1/2 to 8 hours every night for the last week and have awakened refreshed on 3 different occasions in the last 2 weeks which I had not experienced since 2005.``

– C.R.

I have been getting a lot better sleep.

``The treatment right away, I noticed an improvement my jaw locking, my jaw never locked it still would start to click but the clicking is dramatically decreased and my headaches have decreased. I’m less sensitive to light now and I’ve also noticed that I have been getting a lot better sleep.``

– Abigail

I feel amazing! I can focus at work.

``So I am now alert. I only got six hours of sleep last night and I feel amazing! I can focus at work, I don’t have to worry I’m gonna hurt somebody or hurt myself falling asleep driving and I have enough energy now at the end of the day that I’m taking classes. I joined a band. I can go do things outside of just slogging through my day and then falling into my bed.``

– Jessica

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