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Meet The Doctors

Providing a solution to sleep apnea - safe, effective and virtually pain-free.

Dr. Paul Rodeghero, DDS

Dr. Paul is a graduate of Ohio State University Dental School. He completed a Masters in Pulmonary Physiology at Wright State University, is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and stays current on state-of-the-art dentistry having completed thousands of hours of continuing education. He is passionate about changing lives with Breathe Well Sleep Well.

Dr. Grace Garcia, DDS

Dr. Grace Garcia is a family practice Dentist who graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association and the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Honor Dental Society. She completed her undergraduate studies at USF in Tampa where her family is located.

While growing up in her native country Colombia, she noticed how some of her loved ones suffered tremendously with low self-esteem due to their poor dental conditions. This was partly because not everyone had access to dental care and others had high dental anxiety which kept them away from visiting the Dentist.

Dr. Garcia thinks a person’s smile is one of their most beautiful attributes and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy good oral health.

A Word From Dr. Paul

“With good sleep comes good detox, breathing better and delivering more oxygen to their lungs, heart, brain, and throughout the body.

“We’ve seen tremendous improvements in blood pressure and in weight loss. Their tiredness has gone away, their bodies are able to recuperate and get rid of stress. They have energy and wake in the morning feeling that they’re ready to take on the day. Our appliances and protocols, over a period of 1 to 2 years of treatment, offer simple, painless help.

“With children the time factor can vary. Those who have used this appliance over six months, 2 years, four years; lots of them don’t need braces anymore, where they needed braces before. Even better than that, they’re no longer wetting the bed, they’re not discipline problems. Their energy levels are good but it’s a controlled energy not something that would be diagnosed ADD or ADHD—they are able to focus and become helpful, attentive students in school. They chill out, they’re not so skittish and upset. They can now get good sleep and that makes their lives and their parent’s lives easier.

“The Vivos Breathe Well Sleep Well treatment gives one a new, better quality of life.”

Free Patient Info Meeting

VIVOS is the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea since CPAP. Breathe Well Sleep Well's Patient Information Meeting will help you understand the symptoms and we will introduce you to the Vivos System treatment, which can help with a renewed sense of vitality and wellness that comes from deep restorative sleep.

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