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Non-Intrusive Sleep Test

Introducing the SleepImage Ring

A non-intrusive sleep test device that allows you to easily assess your sleep from the comfort of your home.

With the SleepImage ring is a compact, user-friendly wearable device designed for precision and accuracy. It’s a revolutionary approach to screening, diagnosing and managing sleep health in children adults. All the stream data is conveniently recorded in the SleepImage Mobile App for upload, offering the highest level of comfort and convenience.

Sleep Better. Live Better.

Traditionally, a sleep apnea tests  require for a patient to spend the night in a lab in order for a specialized machine to record the necessary data for a diagnosis.
We offer a cheaper, easier and more comfortable alternative with SleepImage. Patients get the opportunity to take the device home for two nights and get their results analyzed by a doctor during a free consultation!

Accurately measure sleep quality and duration

Evaluate sleep disorders

Diagnose sleep apnea, both obstructive and central

Manage sleep disorder treatment

Ideal for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients

Suitable for all ages

Ready to get started?

The SleepImage Mobile App

The SleepImage Mobile App collects sleep data from your device and automatically uploads it in the morning. The report is available within minutes of study conclusion and can be accessed any time. This report is what our doctors will use in order to provide you with a full diagnosis.

After diagnosis:

The VIVOS Treatment

Once diagnosis is completed, we use the VIVOS Sytem to naturally and conveniently treat sleep apnea. All people are different, but many of our patients have experienced one or more of the following benefits after being treated with VIVOS:

Elimination or Reduction of Symptoms

VIVOS has been shown to reduce or even eliminate symptoms of OSA

Safe & Virtually Pain Free

The Vivos® System is safe, all natural, non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical

Limited Treatment Time

No need for a lifetime of treatment

Comfortable & Easy-to-Wear

Most patients report the treatment is comfortable


The Vivos® System may be covered by health insurance and is affordable

Potential Cosmetic Benefits

The Vivos® System may improve aesthetics as the upper and lower jaw develops

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps!

During your initial consultation with your healthcare team, you will undergo a variety of diagnostic procedures to determine the most effective treatment strategy.

It is important to work with your multidisciplinary healthcare team to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Your comprehensive diagnosis will include a medical doctor, your Vivos® trained dentist and a Vivos® technician.

Once you have completed diagnostic procedures and required tests, your healthcare team will compile your Airway Intelligence Report™.

Most treatment plans include lots of healthy sleep and good nutrition for a period of between twelve and twenty-four months.

Sleep Better Tonight. Get Started.

No risk. No obligation. Just better breathing and restful sleep.

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