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Male Patient Testimonial – Overcoming Sleep Apnea

Male Patient Testimonial – Overcoming Sleep Apnea

Zach shares his relief and improvement in health after a year undergoing the VIVOS Treatment for sleep apnea

Zach has been doing the VIVOS treatment for about a year now. The sleep apnea condition he is treated for, though a lifetime condition, really became a problem for him 5 years ago.

One of the symptoms was that we wasn’t able to breathe through his nose very well. In his thirties, he started to notice that he could not sleep well anymore. He was waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes out of breath. He always felt congested, tired because he was not speaking. He had headaches in the morning because he was grinding teeth.

So he started on the VIVOS treatment and was almost immediately feeling that he could breathe much better through his nose, was sleeping better, could have full-night sleeps within the first 2 weeks. He was feeling generally much better, especially in the morning. Because he was getting enough sleep through the night (his REM sleep) he was feeling much more energetic.

He wears the VIVOS device every day and knows the benefits he is getting from it.

Zach recommends to anyone with sleep apnea issues because for him, VIVOS is the permanent fix sleep apnea sufferers are looking for.

About Breathe Well Sleep Well Clearwater

This video was produced by As a sleep clinic based in Clearwater, FL, we specialize in helping patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea to remedy this sleeping disorder naturally with the VIVOS treatment system. Sleeping hooked up for life to a CPAP is not the best life has to offer! Contact us and let’s find out if VIVOS is for you.


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