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How the VIVOS Treatment System brought back a senior patient to health

Not sleeping well and being always tired, our patient was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and was offered a choice between a CPAP and a dental device.

He tried the CPAP machine first, and it did not work from him at all. He could not sleep with the machine.

So he searched for more information on the web about dental devices, and found VIVOS. Though hesitant, he decided to try it.

He started to feel better a couple weeks into the treatment and completed his treatment within 13 months.

Among the improvements he noticed, our patient saw his high blood pressure go down to normal levels, and his attention span increase. He has regained a lot of energy, and a sleep test showed he has no more sleep apnea.

About Breathe Well Sleep Well Clearwater

This video was produced by As a sleep clinic based in Clearwater, FL, we specialize in helping patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea to remedy this sleeping disorder naturally with the VIVOS treatment system. Sleeping hooked up for life to a CPAP is not the best life has to offer! Contact us and let’s find out if VIVOS is for you.


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