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Why is sleep apnea bad?

The question today is, why is sleep apnea bad? Our VIVOS Certified Technician answers with a simple but complete explanation.

That’s a really good question.

The thing is, an apnea is when you stop breathing for 10 seconds or more. And when that happens, if it happens enough often, then you’re not getting into the proper sleep stages every night that you should be getting into.

Now, I’m sure you know, that there’s a very light sleep that you go into at the beginning of sleep, and then you go into deep sleep, and REM sleep, rapid eye movement sleep, and all of those stages of sleep do something to help you heal.

They help your cells renew themselves. What’ll happen in deep sleep is that the body actually cleans out toxins that have gone into the brain, which makes it easier for you to remember things. What happens in the rapid eye movement sleep is that your body detoxifies.

So if your body’s healing itself and your brain is healing itself, then your, all your internal organs are working well. Your circulation is working well.

But if you don’t have those things happening because you’re being awakened by apneas, and you may not even know you wake, at that point your body starts shutting down and you start getting unhealthy. And this is really a progressive disease where you get worse and worse as time goes by.

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